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Service Dogs for People with Epilepsy

You may have seen the news article about the young girl living with epilepsy whose service dog was also given a spot in her yearbook and may be wondering if you would also be able to benefit from a service dog. In today’s blog, we will… Continue Reading “Service Dogs for People with Epilepsy”

Self-Esteem and Epilepsy

It has been found that people with good self-esteem have positive feelings about themselves, have healthy relationships, are usually better at dealing with life’s challenges and believe if themselves. On the other hand, it has been found that people with poor self-esteem have negative… Continue Reading “Self-Esteem and Epilepsy”

Self-Care and Epilepsy

If someone is already depleted by physical and/or mental exhaustion they are less able to handle the stresses that come their way, whether or not that person has epilepsy. This is where the regular practice of something like self-care can come in handy. Self-care… Continue Reading “Self-Care and Epilepsy”

Information on Picture Books and Novels about epilepsy

There are various picture books and novels about epilepsy that you can read with your family, friends and loved ones to help them understand epilepsy. Please see below for a list: Violet’s Special Day by Amy Guenther This book is about a girl who has… Continue Reading “Information on Picture Books and Novels about epilepsy”

The Benefits of the Outdoors, Nature and Green Space for People with Epilepsy

The outdoors, nature and green space have many benefits for all people, including: Physical Health Benefits Decreasing blood pressure Reducing the risk of cancer Increasing the uptake of vitamin D Increasing exercise Improving sleep Increased immunity and immune function Mental Well-Being Benefits Increasing memory,… Continue Reading “The Benefits of the Outdoors, Nature and Green Space for People with Epilepsy”

Your Words Matter: Stigma and Epilepsy

In terms of stigma and epilepsy, it is important to keep in mind that your words matter. The words you choose to use regarding epilepsy can make an immense impact on people living with epilepsy. Check out the table below with information on the… Continue Reading “Your Words Matter: Stigma and Epilepsy”

What You Should Know If You’re Dating Someone with Epilepsy

Epilepsy may have an impact on dating and relationships and this is true not only for people with epilepsy but also for the people who are dating them. To find out how to be an effective partner to someone with epilepsy, check out our… Continue Reading “What You Should Know If You’re Dating Someone with Epilepsy”

Dating and Epilepsy

Dating is a normal part of life, with challenges that everyone deals with. However, people with epilepsy not only face these challenges while dating but can also face additional challenges. If you have epilepsy and are dating or would like to start dating, read… Continue Reading “Dating and Epilepsy”

Emotional First Aid and Epilepsy

Despite being one of the most common neurological conditions, epilepsy is misunderstood, with many people still having inaccurate information, misconceptions and outdated views about epilepsy, leading to increased stigma. It has also been found that, for many people living with epilepsy, it is the… Continue Reading “Emotional First Aid and Epilepsy”

Meet Chris

Chris Winwood works for the BC Epilepsy Society as the Epilepsy Education & Outreach Worker (Prince George). Chris is a graduate of the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), an adventurer and a person living with epilepsy. In a video by the BC Epilepsy… Continue Reading “Meet Chris”