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Christine’s Story (Miss Canada 2019)

Meet Christine Jamieson, who uses her platform as Miss Canada 2019 to positively influence the people around her, inspire others, and raise awareness, education, and funding for epilepsy, a condition that she has had since being diagnosed at the age of 16. Christine is… Continue Reading “Christine’s Story (Miss Canada 2019)”

First Annual I AM A VOICE for Epilepsy Awareness™ Expo

The first annual I AM A VOICE for Epilepsy Awareness™ Expo was held on April 29th, 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia and was put on by the I AM A VOICE for Epilepsy Awareness™ campaign in conjunction with the BC Epilepsy Society, which is… Continue Reading “First Annual I AM A VOICE for Epilepsy Awareness™ Expo”

Tyler’s Story

Meet Tyler Barton, a professional golfer living with epilepsy. Tyler was diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age, however he never let it limit him in achieving his goals. Tyler is a two-time World Long Drive Golfing Champion as well as an engineer, ordained… Continue Reading “Tyler’s Story”

Sabrina’s Story (Disneyland Epilepsy Awareness Day)

Meet Sabrina, a young woman living with epilepsy who was experiencing issues with seizure control and struggling with her epilepsy and other aspects of her life. She was being regularly treated by a neurologist and also receiving regular support for her epilepsy and related… Continue Reading “Sabrina’s Story (Disneyland Epilepsy Awareness Day)”