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Healthy Holiday Tips

The holiday season will soon be upon us and often bring the chance to give and receive gifts and the possibility of seeing family, friends and loved ones. However, the holiday season can also sometimes bring unwelcome guests like stress and anxiety that can… Continue Reading “Healthy Holiday Tips”

Learning Opportunities Through Coursera

If you’re looking for something to do while we’re at home during the 2020 holiday season and one of your New Year’s Resolutions is that you want to learn something new, you can try doing a course through Coursera. Coursera is an online education… Continue Reading “Learning Opportunities Through Coursera”

Options for Online Games During the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, you can still play games with family, friends and loved ones online and host a virtual game night. Check out some options below: Computer-Based: Battleship Click here to play online Click “Friend” under the “Opponent” heading You will receive a link to… Continue Reading “Options for Online Games During the Holiday Season”


During the 2020 holiday seasom, we may not be able to get together physically but there is still the option for virtual hang outs. If you would like to do a virtual hang out this holiday season, you have many options. Simply read on… Continue Reading “VIRTUAL OPTIONS FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON”

Memory Tips for People Living with Epilepsy

People living with epilepsy may face issues with memory as a result of their epilepsy, their seizures, their medication, or a combination of all three. If you face issues with your memory, you are not alone. Please see below for some quotes on memory… Continue Reading “Memory Tips for People Living with Epilepsy”

Epilepsy and Halloween – Tips to Stay Safe

As the air gets colder, we are reminded that Halloween is quickly approaching. This holiday, which originated from All Hallows Eve, the last day of the Celtic calendar, and a Pagan holiday to honour the dead, now acts as a celebration of the season… Continue Reading “Epilepsy and Halloween – Tips to Stay Safe”


November is Epilepsy Awareness Month in the US and several US-based epilepsy organizations are hosting free online epilepsy conferences during the month of November, all of which will feature internationally renowned expert speakers. Please see below for a list of conferences taking place: Interactive… Continue Reading “FREE ONLINE EPILEPSY CONFERENCES IN NOVEMBER”

What If … Documentary Series™

The What If … Documentary Series™ was born out of necessity to highlight the lack of action from the Provincial Government of British Columbia and include the unsuccessful efforts of the BC Epilepsy Society to meet with government of a period of 26 months.… Continue Reading “What If … Documentary Series™”

Results from our Surveys

In August, we released the Epilepsy and the COVID-19 Pandemic in British Columbia survey to determine the effect that the COVID-19 Pandemic had on people living with and affected by epilepsy in British Columbia, including on their daily life, seizures, seizure frequency and more.… Continue Reading “Results from our Surveys”

This Survey is Your Voice for Change! *Deadline SEPTEMBER 14TH*

“British Columbians living with epilepsy have not had a voice re: data collection in the adult epilepsy health care crisis. Those days are over! By participating in our survey, you are holding this government accountable and responsible going forward. Our health care providers and… Continue Reading “This Survey is Your Voice for Change! *Deadline SEPTEMBER 14TH*”