Welcome to our media section. Here, you can find information on our What If … Documentary Series™ as well as look at our gallery of photos. Here, you will also be able to find information on our Voice Epilepsy™ podcast series and learn how to make media inquiries to the I AM A VOICE for Epilepsy Awareness™ campaign.

What If … Documentary Series™

Epilepsy has been described as being “the largest disease with the least public education”. In fact, despite being one of the most common neurological conditions, epilepsy receives the least funding and research dollars and has the least recognition, education and awareness in society. The What If … Documentary Series™ was created out of the necessity to bring about public awareness to the epilepsy crisis and mortality rates of epilepsy in BC, which is an orphaned disease in the province of BC. Check out the trailer for the What If … Documentary Series™ below:


As part of the I AM A VOICE for Epilepsy Awareness™ campaign, the Voice Epilepsy™ podcast series goes over a variety of topics related to epilepsy, including medications, treatment, law, employment surgery, mental health, stress and stigma, among many others. Whether you are a person living with epilepsy or you have a personal or professional interest in epilepsy, the Voice Epilepsy™ podcast is for you! Listen to the podcast here.


Media Inquiries:

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