Dating and Epilepsy

Dating is a normal part of life, with challenges that everyone deals with. However, people with epilepsy not only face these challenges while dating but can also face additional challenges. If you have epilepsy and are dating or would like to start dating, read on for some of our tips:

Disclosing Epilepsy:

  • People with epilepsy may worry about when to disclose that they have epilepsy to a date
  • The decision of whether or not to disclose epilepsy to your date is made solely by you
  • Disclosure should only be done when you feel comfortable to disclose your epilepsy

Dealing with Fear:

  • Don’t be worried if the person you are dating is fearful or apprehensive at the revelation that you have epilepsy
  • Many people fear things that they don’t understand, and epilepsy can often be misunderstood
  • To decrease the fear and misunderstanding surrounding epilepsy, you can try sharing information about epilepsy with the person who you are dating

Dealing with Rejection:

  • Rejection is a normal part of dating for all people, not just for people with epilepsy
  • Keep in mind that if you are rejected by a date, it may have nothing at all to do with epilepsy and could be for any number of reasons
  • Even if being rejected does have to do with your epilepsy, remember that if someone does not want to date you because you have epilepsy, they are not the right person for you to date

Staying Safe:

  • While on a date, prevent seizures by trying to avoid triggers for your seizures and remembering to take your medications/treatments
  • However, if a seizure does occur, it is important to stay safe
  • Share information on Seizure Types and First Aid, a Seizure First Aid Poster or a Seizure First Aid Wallet Card with the person who you are dating so that they know what to do to help you in the case that a seizure does occur

No matter what happens on your dating adventures, don’t let your epilepsy prevent you from having a good time!

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