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What If … Documentary Series™

The What If … Documentary Series™ was born out of necessity to highlight the lack of action from the Provincial Government of British Columbia and include the unsuccessful efforts of the BC Epilepsy Society to meet with government of a period of 26 months.… Continue Reading “What If … Documentary Series™”

Results from our Surveys

In August, we released the Epilepsy and the COVID-19 Pandemic in British Columbia survey to determine the effect that the COVID-19 Pandemic had on people living with and affected by epilepsy in British Columbia, including on their daily life, seizures, seizure frequency and more.… Continue Reading “Results from our Surveys”

The Ugly Truth about Epilepsy Funding for Adult Programs in BC

BC is a have-not province when it comes to the care and support provided to the epilepsy population in BC and the struggle for people living with epilepsy in BC still continues. For more information on the story of epilepsy, the orphaned disease in… Continue Reading “The Ugly Truth about Epilepsy Funding for Adult Programs in BC”

The Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy Webinar Recording

On Thursday May 21st, the BC Epilepsy Society hosted the Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy Webinar, where pediatric neurologist and Director of the Ketogenic Diet Program at BC Children’s Hospital, Dr. Linda Huh, MD, FRCPC and Dietician at the Ketogenic Diet Program at BC Children’s… Continue Reading “The Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy Webinar Recording”

Service Dogs for People with Epilepsy

You may have seen the news article about the young girl living with epilepsy whose service dog was also given a spot in her yearbook and may be wondering if you would also be able to benefit from a service dog. In today’s blog, we will… Continue Reading “Service Dogs for People with Epilepsy”

Self-Esteem and Epilepsy

It has been found that people with good self-esteem have positive feelings about themselves, have healthy relationships, are usually better at dealing with life’s challenges and believe if themselves. On the other hand, it has been found that people with poor self-esteem have negative… Continue Reading “Self-Esteem and Epilepsy”

Self-Care and Epilepsy

If someone is already depleted by physical and/or mental exhaustion they are less able to handle the stresses that come their way, whether or not that person has epilepsy. This is where the regular practice of something like self-care can come in handy. Self-care… Continue Reading “Self-Care and Epilepsy”

Information on Picture Books and Novels about epilepsy

There are various picture books and novels about epilepsy that you can read with your family, friends and loved ones to help them understand epilepsy. Please see below for a list: Violet’s Special Day by Amy Guenther This book is about a girl who has… Continue Reading “Information on Picture Books and Novels about epilepsy”

The Benefits of the Outdoors, Nature and Green Space for People with Epilepsy

The outdoors, nature and green space have many benefits for all people, including: Physical Health Benefits Decreasing blood pressure Reducing the risk of cancer Increasing the uptake of vitamin D Increasing exercise Improving sleep Increased immunity and immune function Mental Well-Being Benefits Increasing memory,… Continue Reading “The Benefits of the Outdoors, Nature and Green Space for People with Epilepsy”

Your Words Matter: Stigma and Epilepsy

In terms of stigma and epilepsy, it is important to keep in mind that your words matter. The words you choose to use regarding epilepsy can make an immense impact on people living with epilepsy. Check out the table below with information on the… Continue Reading “Your Words Matter: Stigma and Epilepsy”