Sabrina’s Story (Disneyland Epilepsy Awareness Day)

Meet Sabrina, a young woman living with epilepsy who was experiencing issues with seizure control and struggling with her epilepsy and other aspects of her life. She was being regularly treated by a neurologist and also receiving regular support for her epilepsy and related concerns from the BC Epilepsy Society.

When we learned that the BC Epilepsy Society and the I AM A VOICE for Epilepsy Awareness™ campaign had been invited to attend Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland, we informed Sabrina that, provided she got her seizures under control and led a healthier lifestyle, she would be able to join us on this trip in November 2018.

Sabrina was very excited about this opportunity and took her medications as prescribed, limited her unhealthy behaviours and worked very hard to achieve her goals, and was ultimately able to join us in Disneyland.

In a video, Sabrina shared her story about her struggles with epilepsy; how she was able to make changes to positively affect her physical health and her mental well being; and all about her experiences at Disneyland.

This is a touching story that can inspire people with epilepsy to get support for their epilepsy and take control of their lives. Check out the video below:

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